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GPC AACN Merit Scholarship

GPC AACN encourages membership to participate in Chapter and National AACN educational offerings by promoting professional development and growth.   All members are eligible for GPC AACN Scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded base on the criteria listed below. Don't miss the application deadline

Scholarship Applicaton Deadline

Date of Education Offering
June 1 July 1 to September 30
September 1 October 1 to December 31
December 1 January 1 to March 30
March 1 April 1 to June 30






1. The program for which funds are requested must contain content related to acute or critical care nursing.

2. One qualifying activity may not be used to accumulate points in more than one category.

3. Scholarship awards do not exceed $1000 over a two-year period. The fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.  (Applicants may apply every other year).

4. Funds will be adjusted according to point value (1 point = up to $50). Please note: chapter funds are limited to $1500.00 per quarter ($6000.00 per year) in Merit Scholarships. An applicant may not receive the total amount of scholarship that they had earned, based on the point system, if other qualifying members have also applied.

5. To qualify for funds, the applicant must:

         a. Be a national member and local member of AACN for one year prior to requesting funds


         b. Have accumulated a minimum of six points over the previous two fiscal years.

6. To receive funds, you must provide these items:   

 a. Proof of attendance

         b. Receipts totaling the amount of the scholarship

         c. Article submitted to the GPC-AACN newsletter—Critical Concepts at–wihin 30 days after the completion of the program.

         d. Completed check request form submitted to the GPC administrative assistant.

 Download Merit Scholarship Application


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