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GPC Contributes to Sharon Conner Scholarship Fund

The GPC contributed to the AACN Sharon Conner Scholarship Fund.  This fund supports the annual Leadership Development Workshop at NTI.

GPC Contributes to Oregon Center for Nursing

The Oregon Center for Nursing, a non-profit organization, was established by nursing leaders in 2002 with a mission to provide the leadership to solve the nursing workforce shortage in Oregon.  The Oregon Center for Nursing fulfills this critical leadership role through collaborative work and coordination or a variety of programs, projects and initiatives.  GPC supports this work by providing a financial contribution to the effort.

GPC Supports Region 18 AACN Chapters
Three new AACN chapters have recently been started in our region.  These new chapters, Snake River, Central Oregon and Willamette Valley are carrying on AACN's mission in thier communicties. The GPC recognizes the difficulting in funding and organizing a new chapter and will be providing a one time financial donation to each chapter in support of thier work to further AACN's initiatives of Certification, Health Work Environment and Beacon.  Congratulations and welcome to these new chapters.

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