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GPC Nomination for AACN President's Award for Chapters

 After NTI last year, members of our chapter who were fortunate enough to attend came back to the greater Portland area energized, enthusiastic, yet meditative on how we would incorporate the 2011-2012 President’s Theme of Together Stronger Bolder



This theme became a kind of theoretical framework from which we developed our programming and planned our meetings. The incorporation of the theme, Together-Stronger-Bolder, launched with our GPC Board Transition meeting in June 2011 when we, together as a Board, mapped out our Strategic Plan for the upcoming year. We even included it when we discussed the goals and operational plans for the following topics: Healthy Work Environment, Beacon Award, Value of Certification, and Professional Development. The theme continues to flow through the work we continue to do as a chapter.


The Greater Portland Chapter—Working Together

Our chapter, with its numerous and dedicated volunteers, works together to:


  • Support the Critical Care Consortium, a committee within the GPC, which includes all 15 hospitals and three BSN schools of nursing in the area.
  • Plan, develop, and coordinate our 38th Annual Critical Care Fall Symposium. We had over 500 participants from our membership as well as nurses from throughout Washington and Oregon this year.
  • Financially support newly formed AACN chapters in the region—we supported 3 this year.
  • Give scholarships to: 29 fall symposium attendees, 9 NTI attendees and, 4 Leadership Development attendees (2010) and will again for this year.
  • Collaborate with the Oregon Society of Critical Care Medicine for the Fall Symposium.
  • Coordinate with the Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank to provide information regarding organ, eye and tissue donation to new critical care nurses via the consortium.
  • Coach and mentor new board members and committee members (elect positions).
  • Participate in the Region 18 meeting—we had 6 attendees


Organize and deliver quality educational programs to local and regional acute and critical care nurses interested in attaining their certification by supporting 2 CCRN/PCCN 2-day courses this year.


The Greater Portland Chapter—Becoming Stronger

Our chapter, with its strength in quality members, is stronger because:

  • We have a solid membership base—we are currently at 462 members.
  • We have 53% of those members who are certified.
  • We are financially sound. We have the funds to support scholarships for our members and in addition to supporting our regional chapters’ growth. We also contributed $1000.00 to the Oregon Center of Nursing and $1000.00 to the AACN Sharon Conner Scholarship Fund.
  • During our Fall Symposium, we collected and donated 4 large barrels of food to the local food bank
  • We have four current Beacon units and nine who have achieved Beacon status—with two of those being three-time awardees.


The Greater Portland Chapter—Growing Bolder

Our chapter, with its quality offerings and presence in the community, is growing bolder by:

  • Holding our first “Leadership Event” with a local nurse executive for area nurse leaders recognizing that “every nurse is a leader” and highlighted the AACN Leadership Competencies during the event. 
  • Having a Facebook page for our chapter.
  • Planning the 5th bi-annual Advanced Preceptor Conference planned for October 2012 at the Oregon Zoo.
  • Inviting and hosting Mary Staul as a keynote speaker at our Annual Critical Care Symposium in November to share her vision of this year’s theme.
  • Having informative websites for both the GPC and the Advanced Preceptor Conference.
  • Incorporating the President’s Theme of Together-Stronger-Bolder into each monthly Board meeting agenda and on the front page of the quarterly newsletter "Critical Concepts” in the GPC President’s Address. AACN President's Award for Chapters as it strives and succeeds in building a chapter that is TOGETHER, STRONGER and BOLDER


In closing, the Greater Portland Chapter of AACN was inspired by the enthusiasm and energy of message that Mary Staul put forth in the 2011 President’s Theme. We have utilized this as a theoretical framework and worked with it to frame our chapter’s strategic plans, programs, and meetings. We are an excellent example of how the President’s Theme can be incorporated into a yearlong process.





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